Winter: ‘tis the Season

Is winter the season for selling?

Ahh, winter, ‘tis the season for comfy jumpers, hot drinks, a good book (or the footy) and a cosy fire – most of us would agree on that much, but is it also the season to put your home on the market? Before you write us off as a few peas short of a casserole, hear us out.

Many people consider winter as the least favourable time to sell their property. It’s too cold, no one wants dirt and mud trampled through their homes, houses don’t sell as quickly, buyers are hibernating and so on – right? Wrong! Well, maybe not about the mud through the house, but the other preconceptions a lot of people have about winter selling is incorrect more often than not.

Right now might be the perfect time to put your property on the market

Should you sell in winter?

Of course, different seasons highlight different attributes in homes, so if you’ve got a coastal property with a pool and vast alfresco entertaining for example, firstly, can we come over in summer? Secondly, the warmer months may showcase these features more effectively.

Right now, though, it’s cold outside, so what could be more comforting than stepping into a toasty warm and welcoming home that someone would love to spend their winter nights snuggled up in? Use the cool weather to show off your beautiful fireplace in action, or that efficient new heating system. Turn on your lamps, light some candles and create a comfortable, intimate ambience that buyers will fall in love with.

Crank the fire or heater, turn on some lamps and create a warm, cosy atmosphere for potential buyers

Buyers also understand that winter is a less forgiving season and can take the opportunity to see homes at a less flattering time of year, when any heating, drainage or leakage issues may be apparent.

This year in particular, there is an exceptionally low amount of stock currently on the local market. The sellers have dried up, but that doesn’t mean the buyers have. The serious buyers are out there rain or shine, and less choice of properties simply means yours will attract more attention and may even sell more quickly as a result.

Get on the front foot

So, while most people are sitting back waiting for the spring rush and new season sun to thaw them out, get ahead of the pack and think about putting your house on the market now. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that those who follow the crowd often get lost in it. After all, it’s only cold if you’re standing still.

Those who follow the crowd often get lost in it

Thinking of selling?
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