Spring is in the Air

As the weather heats up, so does the real estate market

Spring is here, Adelaide! While we wait for the weather to get the memo (let’s pray this time last year is nothing to go by), we can get prepared for what is often our busiest time of year. Many people think spring is the prime time to sell their homes. Everyone is coming out of hibernation, the buds are bursting and it’s not pitch black by 5pm so you’ve finally been able to get out and in to the garden – nay, jungle – which is now looking immaculate, even if you do say so.

The Market

We’ve certainly noticed a significant shortage in stock on the market over winter, which is reflected in the statistics at the Lands Titles Office with the number of transactions being well down. The homes that have been on the market, though, have been selling like, well, a house on fire. Interest rates have just been put on hold and are still super low, which means there is plenty of opportunity for buying. First home buyers in particular can reap the rewards of a $15,000 grant when they purchase a brand new property or build, and they know it. We’ve had plenty of interest from young’uns looking to enter the market and start their real estate journey.

Selling in Spring

If selling in spring is on your agenda as the market heats up, make sure your home stands out from the inevitable crowd. A vacant property will benefit hugely from being professionally styled. It’s an expense that can prompt eyerolls and dismissive hand waves from vendors, but a beautifully presented home will strike a chord with many a home hunter, and spark the imagination of how areas can be laid out to look their best and maximise on space. Slap on a lick of paint, fix that broken downpipe and pump out a spring clean – do whatever you can in order to get your place up to scratch and give it that competitive edge.

We can help with suggestions for any maintenance or property styling, so feel free to get in touch any time.

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Spring is in the Air