Advice for Selling

What can you do to add value to your property? How can you sell for the highest possible price? There are many questions when you go to sell. The following tips ideas and strategies will help you get started.

For most people, when selling their home, the ultimate outcome would be to get a great price in a relatively short period of time. At Gary J Smith we want to help you achieve that result.   Our best advice to you is that the preparation you put in before listing your home and getting ready for sale may make all the difference.  It helps to be organised and plan ahead. The senses of sound, sight and smell all come into play when selling your home.

Here are a few ideas and strategies we’d like to share with you…

You never get a Second chance at a First Impression
We know it’s an old saying but it’s true. From the moment a buyer sees your property they are forming an opinion, and a positive or negative thought will influence how they feel.

Create Space
Space is essential – overcrowded rooms always look smaller. Buyers like the feel of bigger open rooms. A cluttered home may limit the ability to sell, so if possible de-clutter your house. Here is another old saying that works – Less is more.

General Presentation
When entering a home for the first home there is many things buyers immediately take notice of that stir an emotion, some of these to consider are –
– Keep your home neat, tidy, simple and practical looking – your own personal effects and touches can sometimes make a significant impression
– Light is essential – if there is poor natural lighting look for ways to create it – lamps and skylights can help in many situations. Buyers love light, so give them as much as you can.
– Pets – Whilst we love pets and believe they play an important part of the family you may want to keep in mind some buyers are allergic or not so keen on pets, so it would be best if possible to make sure they’re not around during an open inspection
– Smells and strong odours – unpleasant smells like damp, cigarette smoke or food odours can all be easily addressed. Open windows and let your home breathe, you may even want to think about using artificial scents or candles.
– Poor condition and repair – doors or windows that stick or that are dirty, cracked glass, stained carpets and floor coverings just to name a few, are all negatives.  It’s important to do whatever you can to present your property at its best on inspection day.

Set the mood
– It’s best during an open inspection if owners or occupants are not home when buyers visit. It’s your home for sale not the people who live there and buyers feel more comfortable and free to speak their mind when you’re not home.
– Retail specialists have proven certain types of music can influence buyers to stay longer. Consider playing some subtle background music.

Don’t take on too much
In preparing to go on the market it can be tempting to take on major projects. Think carefully before doing so and establish if the time, effort and expense will influence the end result. If the project won’t add value or increase buyer interest it may be best not to undertake it.

And our final tip – Ask your Agent or Salesperson for their opinion
A great salesperson should be able to give you tips on how to improve your property’s appearance for little expense – the team at Gary J Smith can guide you, make suggestions and even help arrange specialised home styling – it is our aim to achieve you the best possible price in the shortest possible time.

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