Property Management Solved!

Property Management involves more than simply collecting the rent, we believe that PROPER Property Management involves developing and nurturing mutual trust and respect, and safeguarding your financial investment

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Gary J Smith Real Estate delivers professional property management services to a large portfolio of around 900 properties throughout suburban Adelaide, specialising in the south western and beachside suburbs. Our offices are located at Plympton and Glenelg.

Call Deanne Goodwin 0488 661 215 (Plympton) or Brad Allan 0402 103 385 (Glenelg) to discuss management of your investment property.  We pride ourselves on ‘proper’ property management!

Whilst our company is entrusted with many properties and has a large portfolio, you can be assured that our Property Managers have exceptional dedicated support including assistants, a marketing division, trust administrators and active managers, and only manage a limited number of properties each to ensure they can provide you with personalised service and always act in your best interests.

Having been involved in rental property for so long we feel we can confidently say we understand the issues that are important to you as a property investor.  Our objective at all times is to deliver to you the highest standard of service in every regard, without ever losing sight of the importance of personal contact.

We are recognised for:

  • Marketing your property to reduce vacancy periods and attract the best quality tenants
  • Selecting reliable tenants who will make rent payments on time and look after your property and educating those tenants of our expectations
  • Quality financial management and reporting
  • Attention to detail including regular inspections, reporting, attending to maintenance and providing you with up to date information
  • Having a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of Proper Property Management
  • Our personal service Property Management Guarantee

We’d love to talk to you more about managing your property, feel free to contact us to discuss in more detail.  To organise a FREE, no obligation Property Management Appraisal of your property, please contact us on 8297 9323 or click below.

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