Key questions to ask about property management.....

Questions to help you decide the best Agent to manage your property

When making an important decision, such as who to trust to manage your investment property, may we suggest that you considering asking some key questions to help you decide the best Agent for the job.

If the Property Manager or company representative doesn’t have the answers to some of these pertinent questions, you might wonder if they have enough experience and the right support networks to be able to provide PROPER property management.

How long has your company been in business and managing property?

Gary started Gary J Smith Real Estate in 1970 and is still the Managing Director today. Gary’s son Craig joined the company around 1990 and is also a Director. We are a family owned and operated business that doesn’t rely on a franchise name, our reputation and personal identity is an extremely important motivating factor in providing good service.
Do you have a dedicated, licensed property management department and is the director/owner of the company involved in day to day management and supervision of the property management operations?

Some companies consider property management a ‘side-line’ to their sales department, at Gary J Smith Real Estate we have a dedicated property management department.

The directors of the company hold the property management division and responsibilities in high regard and play an active “hands on” role supervising and managing the team and the properties.

What support do you have in your real estate office?

You want a property manager who has good support and assistance in administration, marketing, accounting and management. Ask how their team is structured, or if they even have a team.

At Gary J Smith we have exceptional support staff for your property manager – reception, assistants, dedicated trust account administrators, a marketing division, a business development manager and team leader who oversees the rent roll, along with active managing directors.

Who will be looking after my property?

When you meet with the person who will be managing your property you want to make sure that you know exactly who that person is. It’s your property and you have a right to ask questions and know who will be handling specific items like routine inspections, maintenance and tenant negotiation.

How frequently and on what days do you set up for tenants to view my property and what is your average vacancy rate?

Our property managers will open the property as many times as necessary to find the right tenant. On average we tend to secure a tenant after one or two opens.
In addition to opens we also conduct private viewings when interested tenants are available. No property is leased to anyone who hasn’t viewed the property, or who we haven’t physically met.
When required and suitable we will open and conduct viewings of properties after hours and on a Saturday.
A good property manager will know and be able to quote their vacancy rate right away, Gary J Smith vacancy rate is 1 to 1 ½ weeks on average.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Gary J Smith Real Estate stands by their personal Property Management Guarantee.

What training and/or experience do you have in property management?

Our property managers all hold a Certificate III in Property Services, and regularly undergo training to ensure they are fully aware of new and updated laws that govern owning and leasing a property. As members of the Real Estate Institute of South Australia we also encourage professional development courses, focussing on conflict resolution and negotiation. We believe investing time and money into our staff and developing their skills is imperative to ensuring we remain experts in managing your investment.