DIY Projects That Make a Big Difference

They say a change is as good as a holiday, well a DIY project is just as good as getting a new home, better even, as it can add a lot of value to your home.

If you watch home renovation competitions like The Block or Renovation Rescue you might be inspired to completely overall your home, bash down your kitchen and invest in a new bathtub to get an incredible new look and feel. The amazing thing is you really don’t have to go that far to see incredible fresh changes in your home.

These tips are great for improving the value of your home as well as increasing your home’s worth before selling. However, you don’t have to wait until you’re fed up or moving to give your home some tender loving, by doing it now you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

So, without spending $50,000 on a new kitchen or $10,000 on a state of the art bathroom, here’s how you can get to work yourself on the weekends to give your home a sensational boost.

Paint your walls
Need some inspiration? Just go to your local hardware store or paint shop and have a look at the colour pallets, that’s bound to get your mouth watering for a fresh coat of paint. Your paint supplier will be more than happy to show you the right rollers, skirting board tape, and drop sheets to get your job done. It’s not just new colour that makes this a genuine and impacting DIY project, it will also eradicate any scratches, scrapes and marks you didn’t even know you had, giving your walls a silky smooth appearance that’s pleasing to they eye.

Frame your windows
This looks stylish and complicated but the fundamentals of a window box are so easy you’ll be amazed. As long as you know the measurements you need you can put in your order for the wood pieces. It then becomes a simple matter of piecing it together and giving it a lick of paint. If you love 3D puzzles you’ll be all over this project and if you have flat windows, this is a must!

Once you have that done (or if your windows were already beautifully styled), think about some new blinds. Plastic and aluminium are not especially attractive, plantation shutters, wooden blinds or drapes will give your home some personality, style and charm.

Buy new knobs and handles
If you are really getting into all this painting, feel free to give those kitchen cupboard doors a hit of new paint as well (for best results remove them completely, unscrew handles and scrub all over to get rid of grease and oil build up that will act like a shield if you attempt to paint them.

Either way, painted or not, some new door and drawer handles will freshen up your kitchen and bring it rocking into modern style. There are so many choices you can make a personal statement here as well, and because they are small, buying online is a genuine option, opening your market up to every possibility on the planet.

Get tiling
Buying your own tiles is surprisingly cheap, especially with so many discount specialists available if you go to the right warehouses. That’s due to new styles arriving and pushing ‘old’ stock off the store displays, or commercial companies starting to run low and ditching their last boxes.

While there might not be enough to tile an entire floor of a hotel, there are certainly plenty of tiles there for your bathroom. Take a DIY course in tiling from your local hardware store and follow that up with some quality advice on YouTube to have your confidence and motivation sky high.

Then set aside some committed time to get your new tiles in your bathroom. If you have a second bathroom you will be laughing, however, it is important you have everything you need ready so that as soon as you start lifting old tiles you can keep moving through the steps to completion.

Otherwise, you may find yourself padding around on raw concrete until you have another day free, and that second bathroom might look like more of a hindrance than a friend.

Commitment is the only real tool you need for this one.

While you’re in the bathroom, check out new taps or lights or shower heads you might like as well. It’s very easy to trade out your old ones for new, especially towel rails.

Give your ceiling a kiss
What is a crown moulding? It’s that fancy bit that juts out on your wall so it kisses the ceiling with style. Underneath that painted fancy facade is wood. Yes, it’s just a strip (or three) of wood. You buy them ready to install from your hardware shop for an amazingly low price.

If you don’t have the ability to cut it to size at home, ask your supplier to cut them to size for you, just be sure your room measurements are spot on. Then you affix the wood to the top of your wall with a nail gun. If you haven’t rolled up your sleeves and gotten adventurous with paint yet, not to worry there are pre-painted options as well, usually in white.

Not only will these DIY project tips add value to your home, you’ll also have a lot of fun doing them! Get some friends over, order some pizza, and see how far your creativity can take you and your home.

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September 7, 2018

DIY Projects That Make a Big Difference